Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Apps I'm Rocking

I've been pretty obsessed with my Ipod touch since I purchased it, and have dropped a fair amount of some applications. I thought it would be amusing to share what apps I've decided to customize my ipod with and why. Feel free to make any inferences you wish as to what type of human being I am from this:

Osfoora: It's a nice Twitter app that makes it easy to see what's happening in crazy old-twitter land. Easy to navigate with.

ESPN Scorecenter: Free, and it gives score updates, so I can follow my favorite teams even if I can't watch the game.

iBooks: In case I'm ever desperate for reading material and don't have a REAL book handy. Downloaded the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe for free. If you don't find that epic as hell, shame on you.

Gamespot: The site's app for news and video.

IGN: Ditto

J Sensei: An awesome app for expanding my Japanese vocabulary. Has over 10,000 words, with native speakers saying the words, and all words are used in the context of a sentence. You can be quizzed in numerous ways, like hearing the word and having to give the english meaning, or seeing a kanji and having to give the Hiragana for it, as well as several other ways. Lessons are broken down into managable 10-word intervals. I would not recommend this app to anyone just starting to learn Japanese, as it won't teach you any grammar or the writing system, but if you have that down already (which I damn well should after 5 years of study) then it's a fantastic way to build up that vocabulary and restudy words you may have forgotten. At $16, it's one of the more expensive apps out there, but trust me, it's worth every penny.

Toodledo: For $4, this app will make my job much easier. I can enter all my tasks in, and it helps sort them by priority based on my inputed priority value and due date. With a single click I can mark tasks off as done. Helps to to remember what I need to do each day without lugging a clipboard of paper around.

Acme Lists: A very simple list making application. Useful for my job and personal life.

IMDB: For whenever I need to know movie info while sitting on my couch.

Civilization Revolution: It was free; haven't played it yet.

World Series of Poker: A bordom-killing poker sim for travel times.

Wikipedia: See IMDB.

Mixologist: A virtual dictionary of different ways to get oneself drunk. Can show you where local bars and liquor stores are, and can recommend drinks based on what you tell it is in your cabinet. My favorite thing may be the "random" option, where you shake the ipod and it comes up with a drink at random. Click on the name of the drink and you have the recipe. SO using this the next time I go to a bar. Maybe play the random game against Silva some time during PAX.

Epic Fail: A gathering of images from the Fail Blog. Can easily download the images into the system's hard drive. Good for quick LOLs.

APPZILLA: A $1 app that does a million things I'll never need... but wanted anyway. I know it will actually prove useful from time to time.

Flixter: Allows me to see movie showtimes and reviews with ease.

Sudoku: Another travel boredom killer, and brain stimulant.

1337pwn: An xbox live friends list application. I use it to see who is online while gaming without having to hit the guide button. Know I don't have to be near a computer or my console to see that Xylo isn't catching up to my Gamerscore =)

Countdown: A $1 app that, as the name implies, counts down to events of your choosing. I will be programming the big game releases I'm looking forward to into it. For now, Countdown was kind enough to tell me that my flight to Seattle for PAX is scheduled to take off in 22 days, 8 hours, and 18 minutes... TOO LONG!

What do you think of this early app list? Any you would recommend I check out?


  1. Some of them sound really interesting! The more I hear about the iTouch and iPhone the more I want one.

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  3. LMAO im gunning to beat your gamerscore now so WATCH OUT