Friday, August 13, 2010

Win 4,000 MSP! The Great Scavenger Hunt

As I close in on 300 blog posts, I though I'd have a little fun, and use this as a chance to build up a little blog and Twitter following through some fun shenanigans and a little bribery =)

So, here's the deal. Scattered across this blog are SIX PRIZE NUMBERS, which will form a six-digit code. If you can find all six numbers, you could win 4,000 Microsoft Points! I have to make you work for it a little bit... we're talking about $50 in points here! =)


1. To be eligible, you MUST be following me on Twitter.

2. You must also RETWEET my tweet that announces this contest. I will also accept any RETWEETs of any subsequent tweets I make that specifically reference this contest. Be sure to knock out those two eligibility requirements right away!

3. Once you have found all six numbers, send them to me, in the correct order, via XBOX LIVE MESSAGE to my gamertag, which is also ThrawnOmega, or via Twitter Direct message.

4. A winner will be selected by random number generator at 11pm CST on Sunday, Aug. 15th. The winner will receive the code via Twitter Direct Message.


I will leave you clues on which post has the next number in the code. Once you find the post with the first number, you will also find a clue to the second number, and so on. For the duration of the contest, I have moved my blog archive to the top right of the blog, to make your searching easier.

You will know you have found the right post if you see SCAVENGER HUNT at the top of the post. Good luck folks. Time to start raiding my back catalogue. Good luck and have fun!

CLUE #1: There is one completion on my gamercard that deserves a special place in the underworld for the unnecessary amount of time it takes, and it nearly ruined the fun of achievements for me. Find my rant about that game for first number.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. I don't think European accounts are able to put in codes from America but nevertheless I shall try and take part in this as it seems fun. :)