Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yes, Seriously (2.0)

After hours upon hours of kill grinding while listening to podcasts and music, I can add another achievement to my war chest of gaming "accomplishments." That pain-in-the-ass known as Seriously 2.0 in Gears 2 is now mine. I'd like to thank the Major Nelson Podcast, Lucana Coil, Dream Theater, Apocalyptica, KOXM, and Blind Guardian for their efforts in preserving my sanity over the course of the grinding.

I noticed in my Raptr feed after unlocking the achievement that just 1% of Raptr users who have played Gears 2 have that achievement. Rare indeed. How many trueachievement points is it worth, anyway?

Gears 2 is done. No more listening to Xylo swear at me as I inched closer to the goal. No more Xylo rage kicking me from the party when I got it (I LOLed). No more Social King of the Hill boosting. Act 2 in the Gears trilogy is now sitting atop Avatar on the stack of games I'm going to trade in for Fallout: New Vegas when that comes out. With the 5 completion points I've attributed to the game, I'm at 16cp for the year. I just hit bronze. Yay!

In the last couple days, I've added JJB (things blog's most frequent commenter hands down), Bishop, and Petturi to my Raptr friends list. Nice to see other people checking out the service and the features it offers. I'm a little scared to think that every hour I log into Gears 3 and Fallout: New Vegas is going to be recorded for the record... those totals will be HIGH. I set Raptr to publish a daily twitter summary of my game play, but any hours totals are going to be high for a while, as I continue to pad select games with fake marathons until the site matches my in-game timers for the games I'm interested in tracking.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a busy day, as I procrastinate on my to-do list. No gaming tomorrow until 7pm. If you see me online before then, it means I'm watching a movie on my lunch break. I've got the regular to-do list, plus everything I need to do for PAX and the fact that I'll be abandoning my apartment on vacation for the first half of september. Fun times are coming soon, but first I must slog through the boring necessities.


  1. If I see anybody complete Gears of War 2 they automatically get a congratulations from me so well done, no doubt Gears 3 will be harder and longer though!

  2. If anyone completes Gears of War 2 they automatically get kicked out of my party lol... all fun and games though...