Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back from the Dead: Future Review Strategy

It has been one of the longest dry spells between posts in this blog's history... nearly two weeks. I need to get back on the horse. So, to rekindle the flame, I'm writing out a massive and rambling post that will be released in pieces over the next several days. I'm still experiencing the dumb glitch that is dating all my posts as if they came from November of 2009, and I have no idea how to fix it. So, so everyone knows, today is June 2nd of 2010.

One of the reasons I've found it tough to blog lately has been the Hand of Thrawn podcast. A lot of the things I would end up writing about or commenting on here, I instead discuss with the crew on our show. It's left me starving for content, and I don't want to say the same things here that I do on our show, and seem redundant. What form the happy medium between the podcast and this show will take, I do not yet know.

I also haven't reviewed anything in what seems like an eternity. There are several reasons for this. I was trying to review Record of Agarest War, but the length of the game and my inability to play it for lengthy stretches in one sitting has made it slip by, to the point that it's not worth the effort any more. Lately, the UK side of x360a has been snagging early review editions of games, with the effect that between Webb and Jackanape, the two of them have beasted out damn near every review over the last few months. I don't begrudge them for this; it makes sense for the person who is able to get the review done most efficiently to do it. I just wish communication was more open on what the UK side is getting and who is reviewing what is still needed... Looks like the new trend is going to be me picking up what junk falls through the cracks while the AAA games are all spoken for. Again, I get why things are the way they have been and have no beef with any site staff, I just feel a little left out.

So, to get me mojo back, I'm going to get more involved with Podcast reviews for the Hand of Thrawn Podcast over the coming weeks and months. While I will write reviews for x360a first whenever there is a chance, if someone else is reviewing the game, I will write a review for the podcast instead. We are still hammering out how reviews will be handled on the show, but they will all be backed up by a traditional text draft from yours truly. The first two candidates for review are likely to be Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption. They may be a while yet, but I promise to be more timely with reviews as the Podcast Review project gains momentum.

If I can throw yet another disclaimer out there, my reviews are strictly my own views on a game. If I should review a game someone else on x360a does, and take a different stance on it than they do, or score it differently, that does not mean I'm right and they're wrong, or visa versa. Take my reviews as they are, and not in the context of anything else.

There, is my butt covered from any off-base ideas and unnecessary drama? There isn't any.

I may rent a game or two this month if I find out there is need for a review, but otherwise, I'm planning on not purchasing any games in June, and focusing my gaming efforts instead on maxing out Alan Wake (which I have beaten once), Red Dead, and delving into my newly discovered love for Dragon Age Origins.

That's it for today. There shall be more tomorrow.

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