Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank you Walmart System Error!

This is one of the best emails I could ever receive from Walmart:

Dear Nate Gillick,

Thank you for shopping with

Due to a system error, we have shipped you duplicates of Alan Wake in your recent order ##########.

Because this was our error, please enjoy the extra item – on us! You will not be charged for it. If you don’t need the extra item, please give it to a friend or consider donating it.

Again, thank you for shopping with

Your Customer Service Team

So, I got not 1, but 2 copies of Alan Wake for $49.96 + a $10 eGift card. Incredible. This raised the question: What do I do with that second copy of Alan?

Do I

1. Sell it to recover the cost of the copy I paid for, essentially getting Alan Wake for free?
2. Give / Trade / Sell at reduced price to a friend in exchange for a massive IOU of some form?
3. Offer it up as a prize to podcast listeners for winning some suitably crazy contest? (And I do mean crazy... I need to get $50 worth of entertainment out of it to want to part with my copy LOL)

Contraty to Silva's opinion, I'm not rich. Option #1 has the high lead at the moment, as that would make my AW copy free, plus probably take some of the edge off of the price of Red Dead Redemption. I will listen to compelling arguments for options 2 and 3 though.


  1. You should give it to your brother for free, without any expectation of compensation or IOU's other than a hug and his ever-smiling visage.

    Or you can sell it to my roommate. He says he'd give you $30 for it.

  2. Wow, that is damn lucky!

    If it were me I'd consider selling it to a friend for about $10 less, or on eBay if no one wanted it (as eBay take about a 15% cut, so selling to a friend is more profitable).

    I'm always tempted to do competition giveaways, but you need a REALLY big blog with LOADS of followers to make it worthwhile.

    I'd take the cash ;-)

  3. Same thing happened to me, just return the extra copy to Walmart without a receipt and they will give you the full retail amount.