Thursday, May 6, 2010

Count me out on Lost Planet 2

A little internet research just saved me $60. After reading IGN and x360a's reviews, and getting an overall impression from Metacritic, I'm quite convinced LP2 is not a game I should be purchasing on Day 1 with my hard-earned cash. With an achievement list that looks insane enough to make Warriors Orochi 2 look like the new Avatar, I'm not even sure I'll put it in my tray period; four player coop be damned. I think I'm better off continuing on with what I've been playing until Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption come out. We'll call that $60 towards my fantasy TV instead LOL.

1 comment:

  1. Did I not say this in the episode two of the podcast, that the game would not be that good? I believe I did. Oh well, it will teach you to listen to me more Thrawn. =P lol