Monday, May 17, 2010

Alan Wake $49.96 + $10 Gift Card

If you don't check out for video game deals much, you should get in the habit of it. They have a deal for a $20 gift card with Red Dead Redemption, which almost made me cancel my Gamestop preorder, but I really want that game ASAP. The Alan Wake Deal I can't pass up.

They're selling it for $49.96, plus you get a $10 gift card for your next purchase off the site. Save $10 now, save $10 on your next game purchase. That's A-OK by me. Pulling the trigger on this deal since I'll have Red Dead to keep me entertained until this one shows up at my store.

Gotta look for other deals on the site now too...

EDIT: The one downside to this (for me) is that I can't use my associate discount on egift card offered games. Still, I find I'm saving more than I would with my card. After taxes and shipping, Alan Wake cost me about $2 less than if I'd bought it in-store with my discount, and I have a $10 gift card carrying over to my next purchase, which I've used on a preorder for Halo Reach. That one is now $2 cheaper than if I used my discount, and I'll have $20 off my next game purchase. Total savings: $36 off retail. Not too bad. Have no idea yet what the $20 gift card will go to yet.

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