Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ozzy, Superhuman, and Toy Story 3

It's been another long day at work, though this one was pretty decent, all things considered. After how my last rotation went, I didn't imagine things would start out as well as they have, all things considered. That said, I still have a long list of things I need to do...

I picked up the new Ozzy Osbourne album and have that blasting out of my surround sound system as I type this. I'm ready to write my Toy Story 3 review, as I've now finished the vast majority of what the game has to offer. Great kids game. With my work schedule as it is, I'll likely be beasting it out Saturday morning before heading out and being social for the weekend.

Tonight, I plan on devoting my writing efforts to continuing my novel. I sit at 1800 words. I've been juggling the writing of two scenes simultaneously... there's kind of a lot of juggling back and forth in the novel early on, as I currently have it conceived. The annoying thing is, even as I'm developing the story, ideas are popping in my head on how to tell it better. For now I'm storing those thoughts away and continuing to write the scenes in progress, even though I know they'll end up drastically edited. The point right now is to let the tale runs its course, and then go back and refine how that story is told. If I bog myself down now rewriting the beginning two or three times, I'll never make it to the end.

Wow... I kind of feel like Alan Wake when I talk about my writing like this.


  1. Wait...have you reviewed Alan Wake yet? I always thought the plot was a huge ripoff of In the Mouth of Madness ( but it still seemed intriguing. Then I just forgot it about it. How is it?

  2. keep it up mate i know you are a good writer..

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