Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Good Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure can be a great source of inspiration when properly applied. I have been seeking it out a lot lately as it applies to my own writing, and have been able to generate motivation to get my butt in gear writing my novel from a couple different sources.

First, I have enlisted my friends Tim and Sandra as my "Quality Assurance" agents. It is their job to keep pestering me to make sure I'm writing my self-imposed weekly quota of 3000 words. Knowing that there's two people who will harass me if I become lazy in a nice motivational tool, and they will provide useful feedback for me as the novel progresses.

Another great writing tool I recommend to anyone who wants to write is It's a site where people can critique other people's stories and have their own reviewed by others. It also has handy tools like progress graphs and social monthly goals. I will be using those to also ensure I'm keeping up with the 3000 words a week I'm striving for (once I get good at this, I'm hoping to up that pace to 5000 to 8000 words a week). And, to make my success or failure even more public, I'm adding the tracking bar available on the site to this blog, for all of you to see. It will be updated weekly at least, as Sandra and I have an arrangement that my weekly work has to be sent out to her by midnight every Saturday. You'll see that bar has 120,000 as the goal, as that's the projected minimum length for the novel.

Hopefully these measures will keep me going strong. I want to knock this novel out of the park.

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