Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Upgrade: Round 1

Today I pulled the trigger on a purchase I've wanted to make for months... I finally have myself a sound system! Got myself an Insignia 5.1 surround system, and spent my afternoon and early evening setting this bad boy up. It's a nice mid-range system, as there are both cheaper and more high-end models available. While I want to upgrade my TV, the sound system is the more affordable upgrade, and one I really "need" more. While I can't complain too much about my picture quality, I've lacked a really good system for listening to music, but that problem is now solved.

I've got my TV, Bluray player, and sound system all synced into the remote that came with the system, which was simplicity itself to set up. After I've finished watching Transporter 3 on Bluray, it'll be time to test out the sound system while playing games.

My ears are in heaven... This is SO much better than just the TV's speakers.

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