Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pre-FFXIII Gaming Assault

This weekend was the one weekend in six where I get the full Friday through Sunday off, and I made to most of it by heading to Saint Paul to spend the weekend with a few friends. We had a game night (card/party games), played some video games, went ice skating, and watched the Gold medal Olympic hockey game, among other things. It's definitely nice to get out and have some fun, and I've got another friend coming over this coming Friday and Saturday. Why is it for me that my social life alternates between periods of feast and famine?

In between work and enjoying my social life, I have a lot to try to get done gaming-wise in the next 9 days. I completed my first playthrough of Bioshock 2 tonight, but now I need to go back and play through on easy for Brass Balls and get all research and weapon upgrades (I missed these the first time). After that, all that's left is rank 30 and 40 in multiplayer. In Borderlands, I'm working toward the last 5 achievements for the full 1500, and I'm aiming to have reviews written for both the General Knoxx and Mad Moxxi DLC packs. I'd like to get through Deadly Premonition, which I'm also aiming to review, and get the Trading Cards and Side Quests guides completed. Last, but not least, the MAG+ event in Phantasy Star Universe ends March 11th, and I need to power level while the XP is as good as it gets. Failing to do so will doom me to spending a lot more time in PSU for that last achievement (I'm already on the hook for another $9.99 monthly fee).

Considering I work 6 of the next 9 days, and will be spending 2 of my 3 days off hanging out with my super-best friend (practically second brother), does it seem likely I'm going to get all of that done? Oh hell no. So, I have to prioritize. What's important?

1. Borderlands DLC: It has the shortest window for how long people will care to look at reviews, since I'd wager most people who will buy it buy it around release. I want to get this up ASAP.

2. Deadly Premonition Review: I need to finish the story so I can get the review done. The guides I'm updating daily with submitted information, but it'll be a little while before I have the time to go back and really flesh out the descriptions for every quest to the level of quality I'd like to see.

3. PSU: It's pretty clear what the deadline on this one is, so I have to make it happen, even if it means leaving FFXIII in the shrinkwrap for a few days. I don't need to kill Dark Falz pre-se, but I must hit lvl 90 at least.

4. Bioshock: The game ain't going anywhere. Multiplayer DLC is coming in the next month anyway. Why hurry to complete a game that'll make me go to level 50 next? There's no rush on this one.

Frankly, even getting through #1 and #2 of this list prior to March 9 is insanely ambitious. I may pass on reviewing Deadly Premonition (or at least delay another week), since I paid for it and I'm under no obligation to (plus it's a pretty niche, non-major release). Three word review: Don't Play It.

What's probably going to happen is I'll get through Knoxx, if I'm lucky, by the end of Thursday. After that I'm going to Kamikaze PSU the rest of the way to lvl 90, then divide my attention between FFXIII (the good) and Deadly Premonition (the ugly). Once things settle down a bit, it'll be a juggle between FFXIII, Deadly Premonition, Bioshock 2, and Borderlands as I go for completion in each.

Oh holy shit... did the Rule of Four just make a comeback? LOLZ


  1. Woooah I just checked and Final Fantasy is just 8 days away? I had no idea it was so close until I read this blog!

    Good to see you having time for your friends, don't forget them as you bury yourself away trying to grind out PSU lol :)

  2. Did you pre-order FFXIII? I got it ordered and am ready to go pick it up at midnight on 3/8/2010

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