Monday, February 1, 2010

Massively Multiplayer Achievement Time

Yes, I'm really going to be going for achievement points in an MMO. No, I haven't lost my sanity and added FFXI to my tag (won't happen JJB, don't even joke ^-^). With the final achievement for Phantasy Star Universe officially obtainable, and an event going on that gives 300% experience, I decided if I want to chase down this rare and obscure completion (1250, not just the core 1000), then now is the time.

Of course, the achievements to cost ration isn't good. I had to rebuy the game for $20 (never should have traded it in). The expansion cost $10. A subscription is $10 a month. I will probably need 2 months to do it, if not more. So, I'm looking at $40-60 invested for 250 achievement points, plus the hours involved in actually playing the game.

Why do it? I'm an absolute sucker for rare/obscure completions. They mean infinitely more to me than completion percentage, overall gamerscore, and common completions COMBINED. If it's a game few people complete, and I think I can do it, I'm all over that.

Does anyone know an easy way to see roughly how many people in the world have completed a certain game?

(BTW I should say that obscure and tough are not the same. I also love tough/long completions, but obscure completions can be quite easy. The thing is that relatively few people have that completion)

Here are some of my proud obscure completions, and the current number of people in their x360a completed club:

Darkest of Days (my thinking being this game is so horrible even most achievement whores won't touch it. By the way I was first on x360a to complete it).
14 people did it.

Jurassic: The Hunted (also first on x360a, also a game nobody has played). 9 people did it.

Rogue Warrior: (same logic again, 2nd on x360a) 5 people did it.

MagnaCarta 2: 7 people did it.

Warriors Orochi 2: 2nd on x360a, 5 people have done it.

Eventually, I want to add PSU to the list, as well as Spectral Force 3, and more. Any suggestions on some obscure completions I could chase?

Well, I'm off to watch some Netflix on my PC while AOTI for PSU downloads. It's taking forever.


  1. I can't say I'm the same as you. I also have Phantasy Star Universe and have the original 1000 gamerscore but none of the DLC. The thing is though I refuse to go for that gamerscore because having to pay that much just to be able to get it is in my opinion too much, I'd rather spend my money on other more enjoyable games.

    I like to think of TrueAchievements as being a good indication as to how many people in a world have completed a game. The majority of people that take gamerscore seriously will have signed up on that site so I am led to believe that 95% of the people that may have 1000G on obscure/tough game will be listed.

  2. I like TrueAchievements also but I think gives a better indication. It will tell you how many people in the world have more gamerscore in a game than you and once you finish the game will tell you how many people have finished it also. Using this I figured out that I was in the top 15 in the world to completely finish Fallout 3. That I will take to the grave with me lol.

    As for rare games I don't really know many that aren't painful and grindy.Guilty Gear 2 and DoAX2 come to mind =P.