Thursday, February 4, 2010

2 Goals: 1 Possible, 1 Probably Not

If you haven't noticed by now, I truly suffer from game-ADD. I have a hell of a time sticking with one game all the way to completion, and thus try to improve my odds by pogo-sticking between several titles at once. It has helped, but even that doesn't always work. Every completion is something I saver (except Avatar) as an accomplishment, even the easy ones. To have collected 60 completions (DLC always counts, I'm an all-or-nothing type) so far is great, but my completion percentage is a sham at 63%. Simply keeping it stable around that is a trick, as I add games to my card faster than I complete them, and often leave myself some huge holes (currently under 100gs in Dragon Age, for example).

Getting my completion percentage to 90% like what jackanape's striving for is unrealistic for me. I'd go insane to hold back on new releases enough to make it a reality. 75% remains my elusive target. To that end, I made a goal using the TrueAchievements goal feature (which I just discovered today... I don't visit that site much) to track the goal of hitting 75% by the end of 2011. Yes, I gave myself a ton of time. (And I still won't do it)

The other, more achieveable goal is to reach 200k before "the world ends" on 12/21/2012. That's my response to anyone who asks when I'm going to hit 200k; "Just before the world ends." For the record, I see nothing more dramatic happening that day than a lot of people getting drunk, and maybe a suicide cult or two. To meet this goal, I need 70,841 points in 1050 days, which is an average of 68 points a day. SOunds doable to me, though Hit List 2010 and making any effort for that first goal will make it more challenging. I can always GSL-style come easy junk if it ever looks like it will be close.

The weather outside today is crap, so this'll probably be a day of gaming and Netflix. I'll most likely bounce between PSU and Mass Effect 2 or Borderlands (to 1250 that before the new DLC lands). For netflix, I've been watching episodes of The Legend of the Seeker, which is a pretty cheesy fantasy show, but I like it anyway. I've also been working through season one of the newer Dr. Who, and season 4 of Stargate Atlantis. Now you know a little more about the kind of TV I watch lol.

By the way folks, the AVP multiplayer demo came out today. I'm downloading that baby right now. It will be very influential in my decision to purchase the game or wait for a price cut.


  1. It is tough to get your completion percentage up when you jump from game to game. Sometimes it takes just to keep going until you get it. But he what do I know my completion percentage is only at 58% if you look at the games completed

  2. It was your "Operation Jedi" that made me want to go for 75% too. I can say I am below target (going from 52% to 75% in a year) but I'm still making good progress as I have now overtaken you and am at 66% which I'm proud of.

    But as DarkTharen said, you make it really hard on yourself when you bounce from game to game, the opposite of me.

  3. lmao 200k by 2012 get real i say you reach 199k by then! I was very glad to see the new trueachievement feature and I set a 200k goal by 2011 hopefully I reach!

  4. Dude - you totally need an alphabetised list to help make things easier. You know it makes sense, ha ha!

  5. How does this completion percentage thing work? I have 58% of the total points, but I have 64% of the total achievements unlocked. Do I just pick whichever number makes me feel better?