Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lost in Nightmares

If you haven't seen the main page of x360a lately, my DLC review for Resident Evil 5's "Lost in Nightmares" is now up. You'll see it HERE I won't say more about it, as that review pretty well sums it up.

The other nightmare I've been lost in goes by the name Deadly Premonition. The more I play it, the less I like it. The story is interesting, but the game's many flaws grow more glaring with time, and my patience is growing shorter. Add in collectables and difficulties that do not stack, and maxing this game out is going to be a major pain in the ass. I hope everyone appreciates the guides I've been writing LOL. There will be a review coming, but it's on hold as I download and get cranking on the DLC review for General Knoxx in Borderlands, which is a more important game. That download is a whopping 1.66GB (hopefully all of it EPIC.) I'm also going to be working up a draft for Mad Moxxi, which time constraints kept me from doing when it first came out. Both DLC reviews should drop at the same time.

Sad thing is, General Knoxx is taking soooooo long to download, I may not get to play it tonight. I work tomorrow. Work will be busy as shit. Fudging my bedtime is NOT a option tonight =(

Anyone else excited about the upcoming Bioshock Multiplayer DLC? I really enjoy the MP when playing with friends. While I'm still a long way from 40, I have no problems with shooting for 50. Hell, I even hope they make than an achievement. That's right, I said it. How about a nice, 250 point expansion?

Enough ramblings for one night. Netflix calls me while the Borderlands download slogs along...

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  1. Personally I found the Bioshock MP a lot of fun at first, but the more I play it the worse it appears to me. I'm nearly at level 40 though so I may keep going past that so I'm as close to level 50 as possible by the time the DLC actually comes out.

    I think the real issue online is that you can get mixed up with new players and veterans which makes for a chaotic experience. Plus NO ONE EVER TALKS!!! Even on team games.