Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vader's Secret Apprentice is a Real Guy...

Call me slow, but I came upon this realization last night, in an unexpected way. I was watching "The Mist," the movie based on Stephen King's novella. In the movie, Sam Witwer stars as a private in the military. I took one look at him, and thought, "OMG!!! That dude looks exactly like Starkiller from The Force Unleashed!

To see if I was right or just going crazy, I checked out and did a search on The Mist, to see the cast. There I stumbled upon Sam Witwer, went to his bio, and officially saw the voice credit for The Force Unleashed. +500 points for a well-functioning gamer-radar, I suppose. I thought the characters were just CG, not done with actual motion capture. Nor did I realize that they really used the actors likenesses. Here I was thinking that there was a guy out there who just happened to look EXACTLY like a Star Wars character. Well, there's a reason for that LOL =P

Sam Witwer


Maybe everyone knew that already, and I'm just slow. Anyway, I though it was interesting. Anyone else ever have that "Oh Snap!" moment where something totally unexpected reminds you of a video game?

Today is night 2 away from games, as when my brother comes over, I'm likely to go into coop game overload.

In other news, Avatar grossed over 1 BILLION dollars. Wow!


  1. I didn't know that, I'm not grateful I do. :)

  2. I was watching him in smallville the other day, I could had sworn i recognise him from somewhere lol

    cheers for the info!

  3. -1000 for not knowing this along time ago. Old news =)