Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Blood of 2010

Yesterday, with the help of the Hand of Thrawn Boosting Alliance, I unlocked my first achievement of the new decade. Worth 30 points, I earned the Boot Camp achievement in Wolfenstein for getting a kill with each soldier weapon, the satchel charge, and veil strike in MP. I went on after that to gain another 140 points, for a total of 170 on the night. We'll be continuing our boosting adventures on Wednesday.

Since I have a few friends I rarely get to see coming over the next few days, my for-achievements gaming will be little to none the next few days, but hey, seeing friends is obviously a higher priority.

WHen I was bored the other day, I did the math on my Hit List 2010 project, and came to the result that, based on their approximate length (or estimated for as yet unreleased games) and the amount of time I spend gaming daily, getting a 15/15 on that list is mathmatically impossible, even if I didn't play any other games. So, in the face of that, I'm changing the number of completions needed for each "rank" be bring everything into the realm of obtainability.

3: Bronze
6: Silver
9: Gold
12: Platimun

Now I have some hope at hitting Gold or better.

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