Monday, January 4, 2010

ThrawnOmega's Luck Runs Out

SCAVENGER HUNT: I'm not immune to the ailment that has afflicted so many. I got the RROD too. Your fourth prize number is 4.

CLUE #5: Your next number resides in the first post that was written by a guest blogger.

Well, it was a good run (three years), but all good things must come to an end. It turns out I'm not invulnerable to the fatality that claims so many Xbox gamers. I present you video proof:

I was playing Magna Carta when all of a sudden pink lines ran vertically across the screen. It was horribly distracting, and appeared in the middle of a tough boss fight, no less. I managed to finish off the boss despite the horrible visibility, and get through the following story segments so I could save. After that, I rebooted the system, and got my lovely E74 error.

So, I've already got the repair claim out already, and it shouldn't cost me anything since my box is in the E74 warranty range. Now would be the time to get a second Xbox. Of course, I could wait for the repair to come through, and use this opportunity to pick up a PAL or NTSC-J console, but then I'm still waiting weeks for shipping anyway... I'll be picking up another Xbox today, as I nearly went crazy the last time I went a full month without Xbox. I'm no game addict, I have other things I can do, but to not be able to play at all for a full month is misery, so I'll be getting that second system now I suppose.

EDIT: I actually picked up an arcade when I learned the new arcade models support HDMI. You learn something new every day! So, about $200 later, I'm back in the game and now gaming through HDMI, with a MUCH quieter Xbox, and a smaller power brick to boot. When I get the old Xbox back, that one will be relegated to back up, and only trotted out in the rare instance where I decide to boost with myself.


  1. Nice post. Do you know if the new Arcades sold in the UK are HDMI combatible? Thinking of getting one for girlfriend/back up as there's a fab deal right now.

  2. Don't know, but if they let you check the box, you'll see the HDMI logo on the box of acrades that can do it, so it's easy to tell if they system you would be buying has HDMI or not.

  3. It's an online deal so I can't see the box :( Borderlands is out of stock at the moment though so can't order yet

  4. It's good to hear your back up and running

  5. Lucky SOB. Between me and my brother, we have 4 xboxes that we juggle as 1 or 2 are usually always on their way to a Microsoft repair center.