Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Storm Approaches

The Hand of Thrawn is back for another GSL, and we're looking to win. While we won't sacrifice our lives, we're going to score extremely well. We do have a reputation to uphold afterall =P

Brtas Zowes (Sprinkles x360a)

I'm not going to make any Wreckon~esque proclamations of inevitable victory, but I will say we're clearly the team to be gunning for here. There are 1-2 teams so far that could be competetion, so I'm excited to see how things shake out. Let's take a look at why the Hand of Thrawn is in a position to dominate:

1. GSL Experience: We certainly have more GSL expereince than any other team, with a total of 9 GSLs between us (Thrawn 2, Bishop 2, Sprinkles 2, Patches 3). We know better than any other team what it's like to compete, how to pace ourselves, and how to plan and execute the plan to score serious points.

2. Scoring Experience: Sure, we may not have the easiest of the easy at our disposal, but we know how to score points. 3 of us have scores over 100k. In this instance, I see it as an advantage. We've all been at this a long, long time.

3. Access: Sprinkles works for Gamestop, and can borrow games whenever. Patches has no issues acquiring games. Bishop and I have rental plans (kind of a necessity for these, but still...). I have a 10% Walmart discount, and the Mount Tantiss stash at my disposal. I have no worries about this team's ability to keep our Xboxes fed.

4. Communication: This can't be underrated. Communication is EVERYTHING for success, along with proper planning. I'm not revealing techniques here, but we know what's going down, and what to expect from ourselves, so we can adapt as needed.

5. BL4CK SiLv4: Yes, I'm serious. Whether he's scoring or not, SIlva is a competative advantage. He's ours, and you can't have him. The "X" factor, Silva is the life of the party chat, providing a motivational force to keep us going as the weeks drag on.

It's going to be a good season. I've got 3 goal ranges for the team:

64,000 Mission Accomplished
80,000 Exceptional
100,000 Gods of Gamerscore

I'm not expecting the top marks... that's more than Hand of Thrawn could pull in GSL VII, though we came damn close. Who knows... with no breaks in the action, perhaps it's possible. An average of 25,000 points a person is quite the ambitious goal.


  1. what gsl are you talking about?

  2. Looking forward to getting some serious GS. I'm already stocking up on games in anticipation.

    @ Hammer - It's the x360a Subscriber's GSL.

  3. I think you are forgetting the most important factor - no one else is taking it seriously. Ha ha! Barring a couple of people outside of your team it is a pretty casual affair so you'll probably have an easy ride.

  4. That is the way it's looking so far, but I'm expecting 1 or 2 other teams to step up and try, to make a game of it lol =P

  5. I am still recovering my GS from the last GSL. Some how I knew you were going to get into another one. LOL

  6. Best of Luck. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you guys. Maybe that might be my motivation to actually turn my system on lol.

  7. And you gentlemen know i'm down whenever to boost whatever, I know my schedule is shaky but hell ill hop on at the most random times if necessary, HoT (oOOooh yea baby!) has to win!!! Can I get an OhhRaaa! nooo give me a F*%K YEA!