Sunday, October 25, 2009

On the Fields of Pandora

My next review for x360a is going to be Gearbox's "RPS" (Roleplaying shooter) Borderlands, which I picked up on day 1 like many others. Due to some long hours and general tiredness, I fell behind schedule, so I've been working double time to get this game to the point where I can write the review in the near future. I'm taking time off to watch the Vikings game, but otherwise I'll be around Pandora all day.

I've done enough co-op to get an understanding of it, but at this point I'm too pressed for time to do much more coop until I get through the game. Unless, that is, players are willing to join into my session so I can keep making story progress, and are close to my level (or higher). I'm not trying to be a jerk, but this review has to get done, which means I need to keep making forward progress.

The reports of achievements glitching on people are unsettling, but I've been fortunate enough to be unlocking everything without a problem so far.

I don't want to throw out too many comments about this game with the review forthcoming, but I'll say really quick that this game has the best gunplay of any game that's tried to blend these two genres... and the weakest story. From a narriative standpoint, this game can't come close to the titans of Deus Ex or Mass Effect (which was 3rd person POV, but I'll count it). I'm waffling between whether I think the RPG aspect are a little shallow or if they're perfect the way they are. That's a topic I'm going to need to think about before I commit anything to the official review.

I doubt I'll have the time to 1k this game before the GSL starts, so once the dust settles on that baby, I'll be eager to coop my way to the finish line. That reminds me, the GSL starts a week from today... I've been pretty absent as a captain thus far... shame on me. Well, at least my team has experience. As always, the pre-show talk is all about another team winning it... I've heard that before. We'll see how things so down.


  1. No offence but what is even the point of writing a review if it is not out day in date or within a day or two of a games release. No one is interested in reading a review of a game that came out a week ago. Anyone who is interested or wanted to get Borderlands has already read reviews on other sites. Either that or they just went and picked up the game anyways. I just don't see a point in writing a review when it is a week late and people are already done Borderlands and looking to games coming out this week.

  2. Disagree completely, I like reading reviews, I bought Fifa 10 on release date but, still I read Fifa 10 reviews a couple of weeks later. My passion is playing games. My second passion is reading reviews. Go on Thrawn write that review. P.s. I have that many games to play, I just can't keep up with them all at one time, so for me I haven't played Borderlands. I have heard lots of great things about it, so I look forward to reading your review. I will get Borderlands!