Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grinding In Style

My God, I should have done this months ago. Earlier today, I purchased a second TV for my apartment. It's nothing elaborate, just a 19'' LCD 720p HDTV that was under $200. Amazingly, this little TV has much better built-in speakers than my bigger TV. Since this TV sits on the coffee table right in front of me, the small size of the screen really doesn't matter.

I'd been debating this purchase for a while because, and decided to go for it since I end up spending a lot of time grinding achievements, or boosting. During GSLs, I play a lot of crap that is so easy it doesn't require my full attention. Now, I can grind away on the small TV while leaving the larger screen for TV or DVDs. Multitasking for the win. (My god, I wish I had a setup like this for ALL of the Warriors Orochi 2 days, not just the last quarter of it...)

This evening I got to break in the "Grinding TV" by armor grinding in EDF 2017 while watching the epic 1-game Twins/Tigers playoff game, which my Twins took in 12 innings. If you know the proper way to armor grind in EDF 2017, you barely even need to look at your screen, so I was able to rack up over 1,500 armor points before getting sick of that and working on Magic: The Gathering wins. I'm now at nearly 10,000 armor in EDF 2017. My brother and I are aiming to get together to complete the game in January, but since I'm in a GSL for Nov. and Dec, I need to get my armor grinding done this month. I think I'll load up EDF again tomorrow to grind more armor while I watch the Twins take on the Yankees.

Tomorrow I'm totally downloading South Park Lets Go Tower Defense Play, and continuing to keep an eye on Bishop as he works through Saw. He'll let me know if it's GSL material. I've watched all 5 Saw movies in the last week, so I'm ready to play the game, and go see Saw VI.

On the blog front, I need to finally show all the Banner contest entries... You've seen the winner for a few days now, but my friend Tim needs props for his hard work too. I'm also overdue for a review of September, so look for a combo post tomorrow.


  1. The Twins and Tigers games so so epic. I was happy that the Twins won but to bad they're gonna get really fucked up by my Yankees :)

  2. As Much as I HATE HATE HATE the Yankees, they probably will win that series without too much trouble. I'll still be cheering for my team anyway, and hoping someone else can take out the Yanks if the Twinkies don't.

  3. Welcome to the dual screen club :) 46" + 24" here, it rox my balls off