Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ThrawnOmega: Dinosaur Hunter

So, GSL 8 is under way, and contrary to some naysayers (We know who you are), this is a real GSL, and there's been some heated competition early. Team Montana has surprised me by throwing down almost 19,000 points thus far with just three people. It will be interesting to see how they fare as the season goes on. Hand of Thrawn is sitting in 4th at the moment with 11,775 points. Of course, all these numbers become outdated hourly, but you get the general picture. You can follow the GSL action HERE. I'm not sure if that link will work for nonsubscribers, but it's worth a shot.

Team numbers as of 11pm tonight:

1 Bishop024 -- 3325
2 Sprinkles x360a -- 3025
3 ThrawnOmega -- 2830
4 patches4711 -- 2595

I doubt the accuracy of my number, because all I've played so far is Up, Night at Museum, and Jurassic, for a combined total of 2,910... not 2830. At least everyone's start scores are right, so rectification of totals closer to the end will be easy.

I celebrated my first full day off of the GSL by finishing off the incredibly easy Night at the Museum, then went to my local Family Video to find a new target. Family Video rocks. This store has 3x the game selection my old blockbuster did, and game rentals are much cheaper. Plus, since I'm a new member, I get half price rentals for the next 30 days. I'll be raiding the crap out of that place, trust me. They had 1 copy of Jurassic: The Hunted, so I picked that up, reasoning I should go for the easy games they have the most limited stock of whenever they are available.

For a budget shooter, Jurassic is surprisingly fun. Hundreds of dinosaurs fell before me, and the 1000 points without too much fuss, though there were a few parts on the Hard playthrough that were a complete pain in the ass. If you come into it with modest expectations, it's an enjoyable weekend rental, though I wouldn't pay $40 for it. I believe this is the first game I completed in one calander day that is not Avatar or a 2k6 sports game... It's kind of funny how much the game 'borrows' ideas from Jurassic Park. Dilophosaurs have crests around their necks and spit venom, raptors sound very familiar, and there's one dino-on-dino confrontation that looks like a stripped-down rendition of a scene from JPIII. The plot it straight up B-grade fare, like something you'd see late at night on the Sci-Fi channel. I'll try to write up a full review tomorrow, but I'm planning on renting and blowing through Terminator first, then stepping out of the apartment for a while for a little fresh air and a social life. Gotta have that every once in a while, right?

GSL Goal: 20,000+ points
Currently: 2,910 (actual total)

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  1. I'm a naysayer, ha ha! When only a couple of teams are really going for it then it is hardly that heated a contest. I doubt Team Montana can win with only three players and it is only the fact they have played literally ALL of the easiest 1k games that has them in the lead.

    Webb himself said (when I asked him about scoring for GSL) "F**K THAT, LOL"