Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Modern Warfare-itis

The Hand of Thrawn has been afflicted with Modern Warfare-itis. Three of the four of us have been afflicted. Scoring has slowed to a crawl. The gap between us and the top three teams grows wider. Only Patches stands tall, playing crap like Madagascar Kartz and Space Chimps.

It's hard to say how long the affliction will last. For me, until I finish the review. For Bishop and Sprinkles, who can say? MW2 is an incredible game. Far better than the other crap we play, so I can't blame them. I'm writing the review tomorrow for a probable Friday release. Once that's done, it's back to the whoring. Let's all enjoy the quality while it lasts... then it's back to the drudgery.

EDIT: Checked my friends list... even Patches has fallen. I'll give everyone a week to enjoy it before I actually start pushing everyone back to whoring =P

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