Monday, November 16, 2009

Episode 1

Here it is. Video. Something I haven't done before, but would be up for doing as I think of worthy topics/ideas. Future posts will be more structured (and professional, I hope). Consider this a laid back experiment.


  1. Did I see a New York Giants hat? lol

    I would have to say a pretty good first video. I'll have to think of some suggestions for future videos.

  2. He's a Giants whore :-P
    Nice vid, man.

    I've got some suggestions: if you want them, let me know. Otherwise, nice job and nice to see you finally got something to put in those poster frames.

  3. "With shit I haven't bothered to clean yet"

    Haha I quite liked this, made me smile a couple of times as you know how to make a video such as this interested. Do some more, I like it. :)

  4. Thanks, bro. Twas having a rough day/week/yr, but this cheered me up a little.

    We named the plant in my room Bob after my former roommate who isn't at EC this year.

    As for name ideas for your plant:
    Potted Photosynthesizing Organic Material V1
    Big Red (just to fuck with people)
    Lief Ericson

    that's all I got right now.