Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thrawn vs. Xylo: March 2011

Another month gone, and time for another update in the score war. And hey, I actually scored some points this month. Here's how things looked at my last update, on March 1st:

Raw Gamerscore:
Thrawn: 149,254
Xylo: 146,349
Lead: Thrawn by 2,905

TA Totals:
Thrawn: 208,427
Xylo: 215,190
Lead: Xylo by 6,763

And now, for your March 31st standings, as of 5:18pm

Xylo: 148,704
Lead: Thrawn by 3,646.
Change: Thrawn +741

Really, considering I broke out Backyard Football '10 for a cheap 1,000 points, I have to call Xylo the winner for the month for keeping his lost progress under 1,000 points.

TrueAchievement Numbers:
Thrawn: 212,961 (off 151,960 score)
Xylo: 219,637 (148,704) <-- Xylo's is still accurate
Lead: Xylo by 6,676
Change: Xylo -87

Xylo did lose a little ground in the TA war, but not much. Sad day that I only ate 87 points out of that lead, but oh well. I'm sitting at 940 in Mafia 2, with just 3 achievements left to get until I have the original 1000, and then I'll download and complete one DLC pack at a time to finish the game. It was an interesting month!

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  1. not only that but I also worked on my backlog the whole month. Guitar Hero 3, Army of Two, RB6 Vegas, Gears of War, Darkness, and Yaris... yes Yaris. Just you wait til I am out of strategic scoring, Ill pass you in one day :-D