Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thrawn vs. Xylo: March 2011

As I started last month, I shall continue the monthly trend of examining the status of the only fun and currently competitive achievement rivalry I have, that with Xylofreak03. Here were February's numbers:

ThrawnOmega: 147764
Xylofreak03: 144164

Lead: Thrawn by 3,600

Now, let's take a look at the standings for March 1st (8:45am Central):

Thrawn: 149,254
Xylo: 146,349

Lead: Thrawn by 2,905

It was a good month for Xylo, as he shaved nearly 700 points off of my lead. I've decided to also take a look at our comparative True Achievement scores, and that result is more depressing (for me).

TA Totals:
Thrawn: 208,427
Xylo: 215,190
Lead: Xylo by 6,763

So, despite leading by about 3k "real" score, Xylo has almost 7k on me in TA score. While raw score is the official metric I'm using for our rivalry, I'll continue to report the TA score as well, because I know a lot of achievement junkies out there (myself too) find it an interesting statistic. So yes, Xylo, your score has more "nerd cred" lol.

Battle plan for March:
I'm working on finishing Divinity II before the remastered version, with the expansion, comes out. I'm looking at 50+ hours for my remaining 760 or so points, which is hardly lucrative from a score or TA standpoint, but plays into my goal to complete several RPGs this year. Most of my other points will come from Bulletstorm, the PC version of RE5, or Test Drive Unlimited 2, once the patch goes Live (should fix the notorious corrupt save issue). TDU2 is a good game to play to narrow the TA gap, as it's currently worth over 8,000 TA points! I'm planning to get Beyond Good and Evil HD, so there's a possible 200 points there too.

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  1. haha nice I will be catching up slowly but surely... and you can also put in completion % because I think I am killing you on that as well