Saturday, November 13, 2010

...And Then There Were Two...

As I loaded up my blogger today, I noticed something interesting. Virtually every post clogging the info feed for new posts came from two blogs: Stallion83's, and a general nerd-life blog called Cheap Geek Anonymous. You could practicaly see a virtual tumbleweed roll across the screen of every other blog I follow.

I know jackanape will keep at it as he has time, though he's been infrequent of late. And Bishop, who came roaring back with posts for a while, has likewise quieted down. I do expect to see things from both of them again.

But every other blog I follow? Dead. I'm considering going on an unfollow spree for blogs that haven't put up a post in more than a month. Why clog my list with the husks of discarded blogs? Which means, we're down to only a few achievement-whore centric blogs out there:

#1: 1 Million Gamerscore (no contest)
#2: My blog (as far as I know, feel free to advise me if you think there's another blog that should have this spot)
#3: jackanape's blog.

That's it. (Bishop was not included because, though he is an achievement whore like the rest of us, he's taken his blog in the direction of news and reviews, and as far as I've seen does not use the space to discuss achievements or what he's playing).

Anybody else out their writing on our hobby? Sounds like a research project for when NaNoWriMo is done and I'm not spending a couple hours a day writing...


  1. Thing is I said it before and I'll say it again, a lack of comments is disheartening when you've just spent 30 minutes or so writing an entry. I still do the odd post but really I've started writing an offline journal/diary type thing which mentions xbox at the same time as everything else in my life. This way I don't get sad when nobody comments (because only my eyes see it lol).

    But yeah it is a shame that people don't blog much about achievements anymore. That being said even your own blog is losing interest from me, too much talk about writing your novels and not enough whoring gamerscore on xbox (in my opinion, don't take offense :)).

  2. JJB, November is National Novel Writing Month. You only have to put up with my talking about my other interest for 30 days of the year. Can you handle that? =)

  3. I have to agree with JJBDude...sometime when I consistently get no comments, I feel like just quitting. What ends up keeping my blog alive is the fact that I bought a domain for it.