Monday, December 29, 2008

All I Do is Grind...

I subjected myself to another Warriors Orochi 2 grinding session today. Part of that was very early in the morning, when I was too tired to do anything else, and the rest of it was during the day, when I should have known better. The better part of my afternoon got soaked up in grinding up 4 characters, and starting a 5th. To break the monotony of that a little, I did some work on the dream mode levels, including finishing one of them off on every difficulty. However, my sanity can only take so much Orochi 2 in one shot, so I needed to switch it up.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance found its way into my disc tray for the first time in almost 2 years, I think, as I played it online with a group of friend and earned a whopping 5 points. I traded the game in before I was really an achievement whore, but recently re-acquired it on the cheap. I've also downloaded the new characters, for those points, and on the hope that they'll make my next playthrough feel fresh. I've already played it on normal before, so this time I'm just playing on easy and following a guide to find everything. Having played the game "legit" once already, I feel absolutely no guilt about trying to speed along getting the rest of those achievements. Ultimate Alliance is pretty good, though, like all hack 'n slash/beat 'em up type RPGs, it begins to get repetitive after a while.

The only other game to see action today was Unreal Tournament 3, where I played some Warfare matches against bots to work toward the "Around the World" and 100 Warfare match achievements. I know there are faster ways to get those points than what I'm doing, but I actually want to play for them.

This was the last 100% vacation day for me. Starting again tomorrow, I need to spend a significant amount of time every day working on my sociology research. I'm going to be checking out my local library to see how it fares as a work location tomorrow, because I want to get as far away from the Temptation-box 360 as possible while I work. My evenings will mostly be devoted to continuing Operation Jedi point scoring sessions. Having a social life is seriously hard in January in my hometown... Nobody's around, and there's nothing to do. Just research and xbox...

Tomorrow I pull out the stops for my Warriors Orochi 2 rant. It'll be therapeutic.


  1. Can't comment on the games you are playing because I haven't played them myself but what I will say is good luck on your quest to 75% completion.

    As a completionist myself, I know what it is like to have a percentage that is lower than desired. Any time mine dips below 80%, I get frustrated (with myself of course) for letting it happen. Last time it happened was in November with that onslaught of games (which I am still not finished with - haven't even played some of them) but thankfully now it is above 80% again.

    So yeah, good luck with the goal man, I look forward to reading about it.

  2. LOL I envy that 80%. I really, really do. Being a completionist and being unable to plow through 1 game at a time don't go together well, hence my sloppy 57%. The challenge here is one of willpower, rather than any of the achievements being particularly hard. =)